Phuket Yacht Charters, Sailing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Fishing and Scuba Diving
Phuket Boat Show Phuket International Marine Expo. On show will be the complete portfolio of Marine Products and Services, not only from Thailand and the Region but from all around the globe.
Latitude 8 Yacht Company Thailand's Premier Sailing Event since 1987.
Charter your yacht from Sea-Phuket Dot Com.
Andaman Sea Pilot The racing holiday to the idyllic Andaman Islands in January 2008
Charter your yacht from Sea-Phuket Dot Com.
Andaman Sea Pilot The 'fun' regatta - racing 'point to point' around stunning Phang Nga Bay.
Charter your yacht from Sea-Phuket Dot Com.
Phuket Race Week The dates for the Phuket Race Week are yet to be finalized. Suffice it to say, it will be 'bigger and better' than the highly successful 2006 event - watch this space for updates and if you want to charter a Yacht for the event, contact
Andaman Sea Pilot A great textbook (with lots of pictures) for those wishing to cruise the Seas around Phuket and other parts of the Region.
Latitude 8 Yacht Company The Latitude 8 Yacht Company design and manufactures high quality Sailing and Power Boats in Phuket. Using leading edge materials and techniques, their products have one common denominator - PERFORMANCE.
Ao Chalong Yacht Club Ao Chalong Yacht Club - the premier proactive Club in Phuket - based in its own beachside clubhouse it offers excellent social and sailing programmes and is a major supporter of the region's regattas, many of which are run under the auspices of ACYC.
Phuket Marine Guide The Phuket Marine Guide is Phuket's leading marine publication, offering free information about the marine industry and related businesses. Free copies can be picked up at marine related locations around Phuket. Its website - - provides free online information 24/7.

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